McDonald's eCDP is a a training game by McDonalds in 2010 (?)

This game was used in McDonalds in japan for new employs

Download: Click Here to download

Download the save file to make it work: Click Here to download

NOTE: This game only works on melonDS, on NO$GBA and Desmume will work but i does not give you a option to type the password, only the serial key.

Please Read Before you start!

eCDP McDonald's Training Game guide

Game title: McDonald's eCDP - eCrew Development Program

Cartridge ID: NTR-CRUJ-JPN

Acquired by: Nick Robinson

(Game recovered November 2020)

For a full history on how this game was unearthed and preserved

please watch our full, 49-minute documentary at the following link:

A HUGE 'thank you' to for funding the preservation of this rare game:

Special thanks to Samuel Messner (@obskyr) for translation assistance!




NOTE: This game requires a password and a valid save file to play.

If playing with an emulator, BE SURE TO LOAD THE INCLUDED SAVE FILE (DSCDP_CRUJN6_00.sav) before playing!

Once the game and save file are loaded:

1. On the main menu, select the option #1 at the top of the screen (パスワード入力, lit. "Password Input")

2. On the first input (crew ID number) screen, type in "482500" and press the pink 'COMPLETE INPUT' button at the bottom of the screen.

3. On the second input screen (six-digit password), type "482500" again.

And you're in! Be sure to hang on to this password, and you can explore the game to your heart's content.




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